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While President Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, have eased tensions between their countries, they are vying for influence in Asia and beyond, offering competing stances on how to address poverty and the war in Ukraine. Mr. Xi has cast China as a steadfast partner to the region, rejecting what he described as the United States’ “Cold War mentality” of forming security alliances. At the Group of 20 summit on Tuesday, he spoke about China’s “global initiatives” to fight poverty and strife, while remaining publicly vague about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and President Vladimir V.


Father, as the G20 nations meet, let the decisions they make favor zion (Psalms 102:13). Father, pour Your spirit of wisdom upon these leaders and cause them to will and to do of your good pleasures (Philippians 2:13). By the blood of Jesus Christ, we cut off anything that might want to engender war between these nations in Jesus Christ name (Genesis 14:1-3).

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