June 7, 2016 admin

Heavenly Father, remove every seed of sickness from our bodies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Anything that is fighting against our health shall be removed by the blood of Jesus.



  • In the week of May 21st, the first antibiotic-restraint strain of E.Coli has been found in a Pennsylvania woman; this strain has refused all antibiotic treatment given to the woman. The top U.S. health official said it is more likely that more people will be found to be carrying a newly discovered superbug in the near future.
  • The first child in the United States with Zika virus-related microcephaly was born in New Jersey on May 31st, hospital officials said. The mother must of have had the Zika virus and the child contracted it in the womb.
  • After the second year of worldwide extreme weather, water shortages, and flooding, nearly 100 million people will experience multiple months of severe food shortages, primarily in countries in Southeast Asia.
  • In a report released June 2, 2016, the World Health Organization found that about 1,000 people were killed in attacks on health-care facilities across 19 crisis-stricken countries in 2014 and 2015. 62 percent of those attacks were deliberate.