November 15, 2015 admin

Pray for the Nations of the Earth

  • On November 16th, the Islamic State released a video warning of deadly consequences for the United States or any other country that joins the French in their punishing airstrikes against the radical group’s training camps and other facilities in Syria and Iraq. In the video, they said the following statement:
    • “We say to the countries who participate in the crusader campaign, I swear to god that a similar day that France went through, you will go through. I swear to god that as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington, with god’s will.”
    • *Note: Each month this year, the United States is sending American fighter planes to bomb oil trucks and other facilities used by ISIS*
  • Update on the airplane from Egypt to Russia that killed 224 people on October 31st. This morning, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service said the Russian passenger jet that crashed over Sinai, Egypt, was brought down by an intentional bomb estimated to contain 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of explosives (TNT).
  • Police have cancelled a soccer match between Germany and Holland after the stadium in Hanover was evacuated on November 17th when a suspicious object was found inside. Hanover’s chief of police told German news agency: “We have received concrete information that someone was planning to set off explosives inside the stadium.”
  • The bodies of eight babies have been found wrapped in towels and inside plastic bags in an apartment in Germany’s Bavaria state, police said on November 13th, — a gruesome discovery that spurred authorities to hunt for the woman who last lived there as they try to explain why and how this happened.
  • For weeks, blockades along the border between Nepal and India have caused fuel and medical shortages. The blockade started during the third week of September when Nepal’s parliament passed a new constitution. The Nepal Red Cross Society told CNN it is running out of empty blood packets. The recent supply received from China is only expected to last for around 10 days. Some hospitals predict that they will run out of supplies within the week.
    • Info about Nepal: As of the 2011 census, 81.3% of the Nepalese population was Hindu, 9.0% Buddhist, 4.4% Muslim, 3.0% Kirant/Yumaist, 1.42% Christian, and 0.9% followed other religions or no religion.