November 19, 2015 admin

Pray for Peace in all the Nations of the Earth

  • The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a series of terror attacks (via suicide bombers, explosives, and gunshots) at four public venues in Paris, France on November 13th, which killed at least 127 people. As of this morning, the President of France has declared a state of emergency and three days of national mourning. This comes 11 months after 16 people were killed in terror attacks on the Paris offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a grocery store.
  • On November 12th, at least 37 people have been killed and 181 wounded in two suicide bomb attacks in a residential area of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Once again, the Sunni jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility. This has been the deadliest bombing in Beirut since the civil war ended 25 years ago.
  • Earlier this month, a flight from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to St. Petersburg, Russia exploded in the air, killing all 224 on board. U.S. and British officials believe a bomb downed that the Russian metrojet.