November 25, 2015 admin

Pray for Peace in all the Nations of the Earth

  • On November 24th, at least 12 people are dead after an explosion tore through a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards today in a suspected suicide bomb attack on the country’s capital. It is the third major attack in Tunisia this year, after an Islamist militant killed 38 foreigners at a beach hotel in June, and gunmen killed 21 tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in March – both of which ISIS claimed responsibility for.
  • Between November 21st-22nd, Boko Haram has employed a series of terror attacks in Cameroon and Nigeria. On November 21st, one girl detonated explosives strapped to her body at a military checkpoint guarding an entrance to the northeastern city of Maiduguri, Nigeria. She killed herself and seven other passengers who got off a bus to be searched. A dozen people were injured.
    • On November 23rd, four teenage suicide bombers had killed themselves and a family of five when a self-defense militia in Fotokol, Cameroon stopped them. A government minister said, “On hearing the explosion, soldiers fired into the air to frighten [any attackers]. The three others panicked and detonated explosives tied round their bodies, but they only killed themselves.”
  • *Update*- The ringleader behind the November 13 shootings and bombings in Paris was on the verge of launching an attack on a financial district in the city when he was killed in a raid last week.