G42 Global Reformers is building a globally connected, digital, rugged and radical generation whose passion is to seek God’s face in prayer, supplication, intercession and giving of thanks to our God for America and all the nations of the earth. We constantly gather in prayer for this course and at such a time as this.

The G42 Global Reformers engage an emerging generation; adult and most especially youth and children for Jesus Christ in America and from every other nation to be empowered for result oriented prayers and high praise and acquire Holy Ghost fire for the transformation of America and the entire world.Our DNA is generational. We are gathering the old and the young who will honor each other and bring healing between generations. We are gathering the bold and the brave who will make a stand and will set a standard for their generation just as Samuel who anointed David served their generation for Christ.

The G42 Global Reformers is stirring the youth to seize their destinies to bring Jesus Christ to their nations. Just one encounter with God in the place of prayer and praise (in the order of Paul and Silas), the same that made a nation out of Jacob will change their lives forever, and our world will never be the same!

We are a global organization looking for ordinary people from every nation who will extraordinarily impact their world. We are about effectual and fervent prayer of faith and high praise that gathers those who believe their prayers and high praise of God matters. We are a sacrificial people that are willing to fight the good fight of faith and seek the face of God to bring justice and peace among the nations.

We are called by the Lord to raise up a new generation of youth in all the nations of the world those that will take up the responsibility of violently seeking the face of God through prayers and praise in humility and love for the change that the Lord desire for our world and we will create an atmosphere where Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior rules and reigns over all by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

G42 Global Reformers