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Rescuers in Tajikistan are searching for survivors after a series of avalanches hit the mountainous eastern region, killing at least 17 people. Officials say the town of Khorog, the capital of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region, has been the worst hit. Dozens of houses are buried under snow, and some are destroyed. Most of the impoverished Central Asian nation is covered by high mountains of the Pamir range, and avalanches and rockfalls are a constant hazard. Local officials say 13 people were killed in Khorog and another four elsewhere in the region since the avalanches began earlier this week.


Father, we pray for those living in areas prone to natural disasters – let Your divine wisdom and protection surround them. We pray for Your mercy on those that lost there lives in this avalanche, let this bring an opportunity for their loved ones to surrender their life to Jesus, in Jesus Christ name (Isaiah 45:6-7)

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